Reserach and innovation for the revision of the vehicles

SNAP NT offers an even wider range of equipment for the technical inspection of vehicles, together with the other two specialized companies belonging to Altea Group; an innovator and attentive team dedicated to the inspection of vehicles. In preparation for the 25th edition of Autopromotec, NT SNAP presents with an even wider range of specific equipment for the revision of motor vehicles. After only four years since the company introduced a preview of the first universal brake tester roller benches and platforms which soon would become the solution required by the market and still represent an excellent compromise between functionality, space optimization and management costs . For the 2013 edition of Autopromotec, NT SNAP aims once again with a series of important innovations, which are listed below.


The 2nd generation of platforms benches and roller brake tester, the latter available with full scale 6 and 7 kN kN for brake force, ideal for the proper performance of the test in mobile homes and vehicles for the light transport in general. For the world of heavy vehicles a new range of platforms and brake tester in realized and endorsed rollers, Class 1 and 2, in accordance with the latest legal guidelines.

A new headlight tester, from the simple and complete instructions for use, robust and reliable, equipped with dual laser pointer and can detect the entire range of the headlights to light, including Xenon and LED.

A full range of equipment, gas analysis and fumes, in stand alone version and mobile, compact, made by Assemblad. The analyzers are equipped with the analysis chamber approved OIML 00, unique in Italy, and the entire range is equipped with a full software suite of the latest generation for managing tools and testing.


Complete the panorama of the new PC Reservation software , PC station and Recognition Targarealizzati from Scaem , renewed in contents and graphics for a more advanced management of the review center. The entire range of proposals from the three companies of the Group Altea – Assemblad , NT SNAP and Scaem – is structured to operate in synergy , on one line review or in combination with other equipment and software in full compliance with the maintenance of dialogue and interchangeability field MCTC MCTC Net and Net2 .

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